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The exterior of your home is a big part of what makes it yours. It’s an extension of the style and personality you’ve worked so hard to develop, and it’s one of the first things people see when they drive up to your house.

But over time, weather can take its toll on your exterior paint job. If you’re looking for a way to refresh your home’s appearance without breaking the bank, trust TJ Handyman Services. We offer exterior painting services in Orlando, FL. Our team is highly trained and experienced; we’ll make sure that your paint job lasts for years to come. Whether you want a new color scheme or want to get rid of the mildew that’s starting to grow on your house, we’ve got you covered.

We use only high-quality products and premium paints that will last longer than any other paint. We also have many colors available, so you can choose whatever color best fits your tastes!

Our team is committed to providing our clients exceptional workmanship, timely completion of projects, and an honest approach to all their concerns and questions. If you need quality work done at an unbelievable price, feel free to contact us today!

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What Our Exterior Painting Covers

Our exterior painting services include everything from roof painting to siding to full house painting. We can paint any type of home, including single-family houses, duplexes, townhouses, and apartment buildings. We can also paint commercial buildings such as offices, restaurants, and retail stores.

Roof Painting 

If your roof shows signs of wear or damage, it can be difficult to spot from below. Our roof painters will come out and assess the condition of your roof before recommending solutions for how best to fix it. They’ll also make sure that any repairs are done correctly so that water doesn’t get into your home through an improperly sealed seam or joint between two pieces of shingles!

Siding Painting

Siding is another common area for home wear and tear, especially if made from wood or other natural materials like cedar or redwood. If these surfaces look dull or damaged (peeling paint), they may need repainting. We’ll make sure your siding is painted to perfection and that your home is protected from the elements.

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What Sets Us Apart

We’re experts at painting your home’s exterior. We can paint any part of your house, from a new coat of paint on the exterior walls to a fresh coat on the exterior trim and siding. We can also help you with repairs like caulking, staining, and weatherproofing.

If you’re moving into a new home and want to get it ready for the winter season, we can help. Or maybe you want to spruce up your place before inviting friends for a weekend housewarming party. Whatever the case may be, we’re a call away!

Free In-Home Estimates

At TJ Handyman Services, we know that every project is unique. That’s why we offer free in-home estimates and consultation over the phone, so you can get to know our team, see what we’ve done before, and find out how our painting services can help your home or business look its best.

Once you decide to hire us, we’ll send one of our experienced painters to your home for an onsite estimate that considers the size of your house and the number of windows, doors, and other features. No problem if you’re unsure how many square feet you need to be painted! Our estimators will do their best to figure it out for you.

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