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At TJ Handyman Services, we are fortunate to have a team of highly skilled craftsmen who are dedicated to their craft. Their expertise in working with various materials and their attention to detail make them valuable assets to our team. We are proud to have them as a part of our team and are confident in their ability to provide our clients with exceptional service.

What sets our craftsmen apart is their ability to work collaboratively with our clients. They take the time to understand your unique needs and vision and work with you every step of the way to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

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TJ Handyman Services is fortunate to have a highly skilled handyman on their team. They possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of repair and maintenance tasks. From basic plumbing and electrical repairs to more complex carpentry and landscaping projects, they have the expertise to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Additionally, they have a keen eye for detail and take pride in delivering high-quality workmanship that exceeds customer expectations. Whether it’s a small repair or a major renovation project, our skilled handyman is dedicated to providing exceptional service and results.

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At TJ Handyman Services, skilled multi-talented carpenters are an essential part of the team. Our carpenters are highly trained and experienced in a wide range of carpentry tasks, from custom woodworking projects to home repairs and renovations. Whether it’s installing new cabinetry, building a custom piece of furniture, or repairing a damaged window frame, the carpenters at TJ Handyman Services have the expertise and skill to get the job done right.

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In addition to their technical skills, our skilled handyman is also known for their professionalism and customer-focused approach. They understand that every customer has unique needs and preferences and work closely with them to ensure their expectations are met. They take the time to listen to their customers’ concerns, explain the repair process, and provide accurate cost estimates upfront.

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Customer-focused approach

High-quality workmanship

Exceptional results

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They strive to complete each project on time and within budget while ensuring that the highest quality standards are met. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, customers can trust our handyman to provide reliable, efficient, and top-notch services. They are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure their customers are satisfied with their work. This dedication to their craft and their customers has earned them a loyal following and a sterling reputation in the industry.

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  • I highly recommend TJ Handyman service. I have been acquainted with the owner for many years, who is a committed advocate for small businesses in our area. They are friendly, respectful, expert, and well-informed. They did a great job in my residence fitting ceiling fans, lamps, and mounting TVs in my newly built home.

    534534534534 Avatar 534534534534
    December 19, 2022
  • Excellent service for installing curtains, fixed security motion sensors, & fixed shower head. I will definitely call them again. Very nice and personable.

    Edward Burns Avatar Edward Burns
    February 9, 2022
  • Great service, quick and good quality work.

    Anika Bakker Avatar Anika Bakker
    April 9, 2022
  • I highly recommend Tj Handyman Home Repair & Remodeling Services. TJ was amazing, he listened to my ideas for the work and produced results beyond my expectations. The office staff kept me up to date on the progress of the job, and the work was completed on time and on budget. The quality of the work was outstanding.

    SonJai McAdams Avatar SonJai McAdams
    May 9, 2022
  • TJ and his team did a fantastic job updating our mid-century bathrooms into a functional space. We've hired them for two bathroom facelifts over the last 6 months. We were highly satisfied with their reliability, communication, and work ethic. We recommend this business wholeheartedly.

    Emely Polanco Avatar Emely Polanco
    July 9, 2022
  • We asked TJ to come and remove the debris left on our roof from a bad roofing experience. He came promptly, did it swiftly, and was very professional. We will use his services for other issues around the house!

    acha riya Avatar acha riya
    January 9, 2022
  • Tj Handyman Home Repair and Remodeling Services is a great company to work with! I contacted them based on their prior reviews and was extremely happy when they exceeded my expectations. The job involved removing an old patio deck, painting two rooms in our house (which were connected), and expanding another room into two separate spaces - all while maintaining its original charm!! They made sure everything would be taken care of before leaving; nothing got left behind or forgotten about which makes me feel super comfortable knowing that if anything goes wrong during future projects down the line then these guys will have been there 100%.

    Kimberly Rodriguez Avatar Kimberly Rodriguez
    May 9, 2022
  • I love my new bathroom renovated by Tj handyman service!!!. Each person involved in the process, starting with Bryan, made sure that what they were doing was exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t be more pleased and highly recommend them.

    Ericka Hannah Avatar Ericka Hannah
    April 9, 2022
  • I highly recommend Bryan and his team - they go above and beyond to make sure their clients are happy. They worked on several projects for me, from installing a new sink faucet to fixing my shower caulk and replacing light fixtures. Not only did they do an amazing job, but they were also a joy to have around. They are honest, good-hearted people who always keep the highest standards of professionalism. They truly care about their clients and always make sure beautiful work that will last for years to come.

    The Real Kimmy Avatar The Real Kimmy
    December 9, 2022
  • Tj Handyman Home Repair & Remodeling Services did an excellent job painting my house. All of the painters were very responsive, and it was that extra effort that really made them stand out-the foreman walked us through the process after the entire job was finished, too. The results are amazing; we are all very satisfied with their workmanship. I'm so happy with their service that we will be hiring them again soon for an additional project.

    Rod Hollingsworth Avatar Rod Hollingsworth
    June 9, 2022

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