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Looking For The Best Residential Electrician In Orlando, FL?

Are you looking for a residential electrician in Orlando? You’ve come to the right place!

At TJ Handyman, we know you need a professional electrician who can handle your home’s electrical needs. Whether installing a ceiling fan or repairing a circuit breaker, your home deserves the best. That’s why we offer our services in Orlando and surrounding areas.

When you hire us as your electrician in Orlando, FL, you can expect nothing but the best from us. We’re dedicated to providing quality service at competitive rates—and if there’s anything else that needs attention around your home before we get started on your project (or after), we’ll make sure it gets taken care of immediately!

Call us if you need help with any of these services: ceiling fans installation or repair; circuit breaker repair; lighting installation and repair; or any other electrical work that requires expertise and experience!

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We’re Dedicated to Providing Best Quality Service

Our Residential Electricians Are Skilled In:

We are a full-service electrician company offering a range of services in Orlando, including the following:

Electrical Set Up And Rewiring

The first service we offer is electrical set up and rewiring. Whether you need an outlet installed or the whole house rewired, we have the expertise to make it happen. We can also help with any other electrical problems you may have, like circuit breakers that don’t work right or faulty outlets that keep tripping the circuit breaker.

Ceiling Fan Installation And Repair

Did you know that ceiling fans distinguish between a comfortable and enjoyable home and a place you want to escape? Call us if you’re facing a heating or cooling problem in your home! We’re the best in town for ceiling fan installation and repair.

We don’t just come in and take your money—we do our research and get you the best deal possible. And we don’t just install fans—we fix them if they’re broken or replace them if they need to be replaced. We do everything from replacing a broken chain to installing a new fan, and we can do it all in one visit!

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Installing And Upgrading Electrical Panel

Installing and upgrading electrical panels can be complicated and time-consuming, though. If you’re looking for a professional handyman service that can help you with this process, we’re here for you! We’ll take care of all aspects of the installation, including wiring, connecting switches and outlets, and removing old parts so they can be replaced with new ones.

We’ll also ensure that everything is done safely, so there are no problems down the road with your electrical panel or other parts of your home’s system. You will be able to enjoy an efficient and safe home without worrying about any damage caused by our work onsite at your home!

House Surge Protection

We’re here to protect your home from electricity surges. With a house surge protection system, you can rest easy knowing that you can continue using all your electronics without worry—even if there’s an electrical storm.

Our systems are guaranteed to protect your home from power surges and voltage spikes, so you can be sure that your electronics will be safe when the lights go out, and the power goes out. We install high-quality surge protectors that protect your home’s electronics and appliances from unexpected power surges, keeping them running smoothly.

Licensed Electrical Experts In Orlando

Our team of licensed electricians in Orlando has years of experience working on everything from wiring projects to kitchen renovations, and we’d love to help you with yours. Our mission is to provide excellent service at an affordable price, so you can rely on us when it comes time to get the job done.

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