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With Orlando’s humid climate and occasional storms, maintaining sturdy and aesthetically pleasing walls can be a challenge. That’s where we come in.

At TJ Handyman Services, we specialize in professional drywall installation in Orlando, FL to tackle all your wall-related problems. Our licensed and insured team is equipped with the expertise and tools to handle any drywall repair project with precision and efficiency. We understand the unique needs of properties in Orlando and tailor our services accordingly. From residential homes to commercial spaces, we use industry-leading techniques and top-quality materials to ensure durable and flawless results. Get in touch with us today for a free quote and let’s make your walls shine!

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Drywall Installation Services That We Offer

Residential Drywall Installation

You deserve nothing but the best when it comes to drywall installation for your home. Whether you’re sprucing up your living room, remodeling your bathroom, or finishing your basement, our team is here to turn your vision into reality. We work closely with homeowners in Orlando, FL, to provide customized solutions tailored to their unique needs and preferences. From selecting the right materials to coordinating the installation process, we handle every aspect of your residential drywall installation project with care.

Our partnership with industry-leading drywall manufacturers like USG Corporation and National Gypsum ensures that we deliver top-quality results that stand the test of time. Whether you’re looking to enhance the value of your home or simply refresh its appearance, trust TJ Handyman Services for professional residential drywall installation services that exceed your expectations.


Our Happy Clients

Ekima Wilkins
Ekima Wilkins
May 1, 2024
I recently hired TJ Handyman Services to fix a broken closet shelf, and the technician, Brandon, came out to my home to handle the repair. He was very polite and understood exactly what I wanted. I was so pleased with the work that Brandon did, I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for reliable home repair or remodeling services.
Larna Saintange
Larna Saintange
April 27, 2024
I reached out to TJ Handyman Services for urgent repairs and remodeling at my mom’s Winter Park home, near AdventHealth Orlando, as she was due back from the hospital. The technicians, Tony and Jose, were exceptional. They arrived on time daily, ensuring the project was completed ahead of schedule, which was crucial for us. Their professionalism, coupled with their friendly and respectful demeanor, made a stressful situation much easier. Both demonstrated outstanding workmanship and attention to detail in every task. I highly recommend TJ Handyman Services, and especially Tony and Jose, to anyone in the Orlando area needing reliable and high-quality home repair or remodeling services. They’re truly exceptional and kind-hearted professionals.
Kathleen Hagerty
Kathleen Hagerty
March 31, 2024
Highly recommend! Tony assisted with several items on the repair list. He arrived on time and completed the job quickly. Most importantly, he was friendly and helpful.
Liz Irizarry
Liz Irizarry
March 30, 2024
Tony did an amazing job. When was able to find the problem, had solution and fixed it the same day. Tony is dependable, and wiling to help with anything.
Darrian Ferreiro
Darrian Ferreiro
March 14, 2024
I recently hired TJ Handyman Services for some home repair tasks and was thoroughly impressed. Tony, the handyman, arrived ahead of schedule, which was a pleasant surprise. He expertly handled a variety of jobs, including mounting 2 tvs in different rooms. Tim worked with remarkable efficiency and precision. What really stood out was his friendly demeanor and his willingness to explain each step of the process. After completing the work, he made sure to clean up the area, leaving it spotless. I'm extremely satisfied with the service and highly recommend TJ Handyman Services for their professionalism and skill. A big thank you to Tony and the team!
Shereen Samaroo
Shereen Samaroo
March 2, 2024
Recently, my family contracted TJ Handyman Home Repair & Remodeling Services to remodel a bathroom in my mother’s home in Orlando Florida. I am writing this review on behalf of her since she was so impressed. After interviewing three different contracting and remodeling services my mom chose TJ. At the very onset, she had a sense of trust and ease having TJ and his staff in her home. TJ and his team started the job on the date as promised, arrived on time daily, work consistently and finished the project at the expected completion date. Their professionalism, attention to detail, execution of the design plan, knowledge of city codes and standards, quality of craftsmanship, clean work ethics and willingness to listen to my mother’s needs were always on point, taken into consideration and met. As a family, we are very happy and grateful to TJ and his team for making this a very comfortable and stress free experience, giving my mother peace of mind and a beautiful bathroom which she enjoys daily. We will definitely recommend and choose TJ for any repair, home improvements and remodeling needs. U
Jerome Wallace
Jerome Wallace
February 26, 2024
Amazing service from TJ Handyman! I urgently needed my door frame fixed and, after calling several places with no luck, TJ Handyman came to the rescue on short notice. Tim was the professional who handled the repair. He was efficient, skilled, and courteous. I'm so grateful they were able to assist within hours. Their promptness and quality work are commendable. I highly recommend TJ Handyman and will definitely rely on them for any future needs. A big thank you to Tim and the team!
Charles St. James
Charles St. James
February 25, 2024
Tony was on-time, nice to chat with, and got the job done quickly. 10/10!
Kathleen Griffin
Kathleen Griffin
February 5, 2024
Tony was amazing. He explained all my options for repair and I was able to choose what worked best for me. He replaced the light fixture very quickly and was kind and helpful the whole time. I would highly recommend this Handyman service to anyone who needs anything done for their home.
James Campbell
James Campbell
January 2, 2024
Tony is an extremely skilled professional who excels in punctuality and effective communication to ensure clear understanding of the tasks at hand. His approach to work is highly organized, and he demonstrates exceptional attention to detail, refusing to rush through any job until he ensures customer satisfaction. As someone with high standards for precision, I have found exactly what I was seeking in Tony's services. Moreover, his pricing is reasonable. I am delighted to have discovered TJ Handyman Services and plan to be a loyal customer going forward.

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Commercial Drywall Installation Services

We specialize in providing top-notch commercial drywall installation services to help businesses thrive. Whether you’re opening a new office, renovating a retail space, or remodeling a restaurant, our team has the expertise and experience to handle projects of any size and complexity. We understand the unique needs of commercial properties, from adhering to strict timelines and budgets to meeting regulatory requirements.

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures your commercial space not only looks impressive but also stands the test of time. With our comprehensive solutions and personalized approach, we’ll deliver exceptional results that boost your business and leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers.

plasterboard drywall fixing by TJ handyman Services

Our Drywall Installation Process

Our Orlando drywall installation process is seamless and efficient. From initial consultation to the final painting, we handle every step with precision and care. Our skilled team meticulously measures, cuts, and installs drywall to fit your space perfectly.

Drywall Installation Includes:

  • New Construction Drywall Installation: Installing drywall in new homes or commercial buildings from scratch.
  • Drywall Replacement: Removing and replacing damaged or outdated drywall.
  • Remodeling and Renovation: Updating rooms or buildings with new drywall during renovation projects.
  • Drywall Hanging: Professionally mounting drywall sheets to frames in walls and ceilings.
  • Taping: Applying joint tape to the seams between drywall sheets to create a uniform surface.
  • Mudding: Spreading joint compound over tape and screws to smooth out the surface.
  • Sanding: Smoothing the dried joint compound to prepare the surface for painting or texturing.
  • Texturing: Applying textures to drywall surfaces for aesthetic appeal or to match existing textures.
  • Ceiling Drywall Installation: Specializing in the installation and finishing of drywall on ceilings.
  • Water-Resistant Drywall Installation: Using moisture-resistant drywall in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas prone to moisture.
  • Fire-Rated Drywall Installation: Installing fire-resistant drywall in key areas for added safety.
  • Soundproof Drywall Installation: Utilizing sound-dampening drywall to reduce noise transmission between rooms.
  • Plasterboard Installation: For those preferring plasterboard over traditional drywall.
  • Insulation Work: Installing insulation in walls and ceilings before covering with drywall for energy efficiency.
  • Custom Drywall Features: Creating architectural features such as arches, eaves, and bulkheads with drywall.
  • Drywall Repair: Providing repair services for cracks, holes, and other damages in existing drywall.
  • Drywall Demolition and Disposal: Safely remove old drywall and dispose of it properly.
  • Precision Cutting for Fixtures: Accurately cutting drywall to accommodate electrical outlets, switches, and other fixtures.
  • Green Drywall Installation: Using environmentally friendly drywall products.
  • Decorative Drywall Paneling: Installing decorative drywall panels for enhanced interior aesthetics.
  • Leveling and Squaring: Ensuring walls and ceilings are perfectly level and square during installation.
  • Lead-Lined Drywall Installation for X-Ray Rooms: Installing lead-lined drywall in medical facilities for radiation protection.
  • Moisture and Mold Testing: Assessing existing structures for moisture and mold before installation.
  • Ventilation Cutouts: Creating cutouts for HVAC systems, vents, and air returns in drywall.
  • Finishing Services: Offering complete finishing services including priming and painting after drywall installation.

Preparing the Workspace

Before we begin the drywall installation process at your property in Orlando, FL, our team takes the necessary steps to prepare the workspace for a smooth and efficient project. That means clearing out any furniture or obstacles and protecting your floors and furnishings with drop cloths and plastic sheeting.

Measuring and Cutting Drywall Sheets

Once the workspace is prepared, our skilled technicians carefully measure the dimensions of your walls and ceilings to determine the precise amount of drywall needed for the project. We then use professional-grade tools and equipment to cut the drywall sheets to the correct size, ensuring a perfect fit for each section of your property.

Installing Drywall Panels

With the drywall sheets cut to size, our team begins the installation process by securing the panels to the framing of your walls and ceilings. We use industry-leading fasteners and techniques to ensure that the drywall is securely attached and properly aligned.

Finishing Touches

Once the drywall is up, we focus on the details. We carefully tape and mud the seams between panels, creating smooth joints. After the compound dries, we sand the walls to perfection, creating a flawless surface ready for paint.

Priming and Painting

The final step is priming and painting your new drywall. We use high-quality products in a variety of colors and finishes to achieve the look you desire, whether it’s bold and vibrant or subtle and neutral. With our expertise, your walls will look their best in no time

installing drywall in Orlando by TJ handyman

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